Our Medical Equipment

ASA has obtained IP and OP certification in the medical industry. The Malaysian team has nearly 10 years of experience in medical equipment. The Chinese team developed the first automatic assembly equipment for analgesia pump in China, which provides a small forward force for the development of medical automation .

Check Valve High Precision Leakage Test System

When a person is sick and need intravenous drips, the blood will flow back if not careful, and the check valve can prevent the blood flow back. This test machine is to test the air tightness of the check valve, making intravenous drip this medical activity not to worry about.

  • Fully automatic system
  • Cycle time 3.0 s/pcs
  • Inert gas leakage detector
  • Linear actuator system
  • Automatic unload system
  • Traceability System

HALO Rapid Diagnostic Machine

COVID-19 is sweeping the world, causing panic around the world and crowding hospitals.We reserched a rapid diagnostic assembly machine. The diagnostic card that can be tested at home, eliminating queues and infection.

  • Fully automatic system
  • Cycle time 0.66 s/pcs
  • Black widow spider robot
  • High precision vision system
  • Guillotine strip cutting system
  • Tag in tag out smart access

Infusion Pump Assembly & Testing Line

The closed infusion pump capsules are fully automatic assembly to overcome the defects of the existing analgesic pump capsules in the dosing process, such as not strict sterility, tedious and time-consuming, and low efficiency.

  • Fully Automatic Assembly Line
  • Cycle time 3.0 s/pcs
  • Medical grade Linear conveyor
  • Vibration Bowl with Linear Feeder
  • Vision System
  • Pick & Place System
  • Data Tracking
  • Dispensing system