Our Automotive Equipment

Automation assembly line the classic mode of production, was born in automotive manufacturing industry has been widely used in various manufacturing industries, with parts standardization, modular, and other advanced production technology mature, the whole manufacturing in big strides, faster, more efficient, more accurate, be tireless pursuit of automobile manufacturing industry.

48V Battery Assembly & Testing Line

This machine is made for automotive electric factory.The bettery can save power through mechanical energy. When use conditioner ,lights and other electric devices, the bettery can provide power.

  • Semi automatic system
  • Cycle time < 12s /pcs
  • 6 Axis Yaskawa Robot
  • Air Flow Test & Tightness Test
  • BOSCH Conveyer System
  • Bending system

DQ380 Assembly, Testing & Vision Inspection Line

DQ380 control system, referred to as the electronic control system, is through the engine ignition, fuel injection, air-fuel ratio and exhaust emissions control, so that the engine in the best state of work, to achieve the vehicle performance, energy saving, reduce exhaust emissions.

  • Semi automatic system
  • Cycle time 12.0 s/pcs
  • Bosch Conveyor System
  • Vision System
  • Typhoon Cleaning System
  • High Voltage Testing
  • Die Cutting
  • Automatic Unloading

CVS Valve Winding, Assembly & Testing Line

The automobile is more and more popular, the problem of global warming caused by automobile exhaust pollution is also concerned by the world. This assembly line produces CVS valve according to the National standard level 6 emission standard in China, paying attention to the world problems and sustainable development.

  • Semi automatic system
  • Cycle time 12.0 s/pcs
  • Precision cutting system
  • Resistance welding
  • High precision vision system
  • Automatic pressing sysytem
  • Test system